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PHEV Hybrid SUV Car Rental

Plug-in Hybrid SUV Car Rental

Drive Your Whole Family On A Camping Road Trip.


In need of transportation to your next Adventure Outdoors? Rent our affordable plug in hybrid vehicle. Our cars are ultra fuel efficient, super spacious, intelligently safe, outdoor-ready, HOV-legal, almost new, complimentary roadside assistance, available services/ add-ons, and lowest in-class daily prices. Our commitment to the environment means that it is not only an intelligent choice for the environment but also you do not need to make frequent pit stops to charge a full EV vehicle like Tesla Model 3 or Ford Mach-E.

  • Our Ford Escape PHEV has been averaging 5.2 L/100km without ever being charged, meaning that you will be saving AT LEAST 40% on gas on your trips vs full gas SUV; this equates to about $50 per tank. Or 2.3 L/100 km if a charger is available!!!
  • Charge it when not in use, and you might not need gas at all throughout your rental duration!
  • This Luxurious SUV is packed with countless features, including state of the art safety features to keep you and your passengers as safe as possible
  • Our cars are practically new, with less than 20000 km on the odometer and regularly serviced


  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Advanced safety features
  • Long term savings
  • Full charge
  • HOV Sticker for driving in HOV lanes
  • 2″ Hitch with 4 pin wiring


  • Outdoor camping experience with maximum comfort for the whole family with our rooftop tents
  • Set up camp in minutes, and spend most of your time enjoying your trip
  • Stay safe from ground animals and enjoy your sleep peacefully


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    Answers to some of our frequently asked questions.


    Anytime before 24 hours of your booking, you receive a full refund. Due to limited cars and high demand, there is no refund within 24 hours of your booking.

    We deliver anywhere within 50 kms of our location in Surrey for a small fee. We also pick it up too!

    We try our best to deliver and pick up the items at your convenient location, so please be sure to provide the exact address we would be meeting in.

    No, only the person who booked via Turo is allowed to drive.

    When returning your rental vehicle at the airport, you have two options regarding the fuel:

    1. Option 1: You have the choice to refill the vehicle to the same fuel level it had when you initially picked it up. If you opt not to do so, you will incur charges at the local Enterprise rate, which typically exceeds the price at the local fuel pump.
    2. Option 2: Alternatively, you can select the pre-pay for fuel option, which offers two advantages
      • You can skip the inconvenience of refueling the vehicle before returning it.
      • The pre-pay fuel option is calculated based on the local gas rate, with a per-gallon discount applied.

    Our online booking service stops taking reservations for same day bookings. If you need a rental sooner than 24 hours, please call/text 778-956-4878 to confirm availability, meet time, and location.

    No deposit required, however we do collect a credit card information on file, much like a hotel system to reduce theft and promote safe handling of our equipment.

    We charge a flat fee rate per delivery and pick-up, which may vary based on gas prices.

    Our patrons are expected to be at least 18 years old to book our rentals. Otherwise they must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/ guardian at all times.

    You will need to present a valid driver’s license and a major credit card in your name.

    Pets are permitted in our rentals, provided that you ensure that your pets are securely fastened and have seat/ trunk covers.

    To avoid additional cleaning or detailing charges, customers must return the rental vehicle in a clean state, free from any pet hair or debris. Service animals assisting customers with disabilities are exempt from the crating / fastening requirements and are allowed in the vehicle without the need for a carrier. Documentation will be required in these cases.

    Yes, we have specific waiver forms for each equipment and must adhere to Turo’s Policy. You must be at least 18 years old to sign the documents.

    The documents will be sent out with the internal booking confirmation email.

    Absolutely not. All passengers are expected to step outside the vehicle when smoking or vaping.

    You are expected to report any damages that you notice, before, during, and after your rental. In most cases, the combined ICBC and Turo insurance covers damages.

    However, if there are any discovered damages, the coverage is outlined in Turo’s Terms.

    No, you are not allowed to modify the vehicle in any way, including but not limited to changing the rims/ tires, take out the seats, take off any car accessories, etc.

    Our vehicles come equipped with built in navigation, and you can connect your phone via Apple Carplay™️ and Android Auto™️.

    Yes we do have optional snow chains for rental.

    Yes, we have full service installation available for all of our heavy and hard to handle equipment, including rooftop tents, cargo boxes, roof racks, bike carriers, and cargo baskets.